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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a field which I find very interesting, it is an area that is constantly evolving and always becoming a little more challenging to get ahead. SEO stands out to me because to be successful at it, you need to have good knowledge and skills in multiple areas which include programming, web design, graphic design, copywriting, and traditional marketing.

It is my guarantee that if we work together on a SEO project I will do much more than install a simple plugin such as Yoast. Every website which I work on, I go very in depth and cover all aspects large and small. With my years of experience I have found that there are many small details which are often overlooked, but when optimized correctly they can make a big difference (getting more traffic + getting a higher ranking). I utilize all of the newest technology and tools for keyword research, link building strategies, content development, and citation building. It is my end goal to provide you and your business with the most valuable as possible. If you are serious about improving your Google ranking, please reach out to me and we can talk about all of the details  250-320-8614 .

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"Don't Build Links, Build Relationships."

Grow Traffic & Increase Your Sales

I Will Help You Appear On The 1st Page of Google!

Depending on your business goals and timeline, here are the different types of Search Engine Optimization I can assist with:

  1. On-Page Optimization
  2. Off-Page Optimization
  3. Local Search Engine Optimization + Google My Business
  4.  Technical Optimization
  5. Google Core Web Vitals
  6. Search Engine Results Page Optimization (SERP)
  7. Google Search Console
  8. Google Analytics
  9. Google Keyword Planner
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Kamloops Search Engine Optimization Company

Grow With SEO!

I offer  full stack SEO services to help your business grow in all areas.

On-Page Optimization

Off-Page Optimization

Local Optimization

Content Audits + Strategy

Technical Optimization

Link Building Strategies

What Is SEO? Here Is The Quick Version ⚡⚡

On-Page SEO

On-Page Search Engine Optimization: Is everything  that is visible to you on your website. This includes your website pages, all of the content,  page titles, meta descriptions, heading tags (H1-H6) and more!

  • Internal and external links
  • URL structure and permalinks
  • File names
  • Images 
  • Alt tags or Alternative text
  • Anchor texts

Also involved with On-Page SEO is keyword research. This is the part where you find out which words potential customers are using to find your business, blog, products, and services. 

If you are not doing your research and homework, you may be optimizing your page for something completely unrelated to your business. Please do not guess or assume what your customers are searching – the slightest change in keywords can result in higher difficulty and fewer visitors.

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Off-Page SEO

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Off-Page Optimization are the efforts that happens off of the site, and are not visible to a website visitor. This is a combination of developing and building working relationships along with a detailed backlink strategy. When everything comes together (blogging, outreach, guest posts, and social signals) your backlink profile will start to strengthen and your website authority will increase. This higher authority will make it easier to rank for more competitive keywords.

Local SEO

Local SEO is what is used to help rank your website or business locally! This consists of a strong citation profile and having a highly optimized Google My Business Profile (filling out every piece of information while including  good detail) as well as good on-page SEO. What most businesses want to achieve is a spot in the “Local 3-Pack“, and this is a position on the first page of Google directly under the map at the top of the page.


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When working on your Google My Business page there are a few sections that you should not forget to fill out. In my opinion it is best to fill out everything but never skip the business category, name, address, and telephone number. With a category and name you can show up on maps when your account is verified.


Technical SEO

Technical SEO on a window browser

This is exactly how the name sounds! The more technical side of SEO. This consists of areas such as website security, website speed, code cleanliness, crawlability, indexing, and schema markup.

 One of the more recent updates in technical area is the Google Core Web Vitals and this relates to the user experience. The Core Web Vitals focus on responsiveness, load time, and visual stability. These ranking signal should not be ignored when optimizing or designing a website.

Search Engine Optimization Best Practices

  • White Hat SEO
  • Gray Hat SEO
  • Black Hat SEO

Out of the 3 options above, White Hat is your best choice as it follows the Webmaster Guidelines set out by Google. Here you are providing website visitors with high-quality content relevant to your industry and you are able to provide them with answers to any questions they may have.

This applies for MOST industries and BUT there are a few industries where people should not give advice…..

And these are anything related to your money or life.

Your Money Your Life (YMYL)

There are certain industries where  it is NOT okay for anyone to give out advice. This includes the areas of  medical/healthcare, finance, safety, and legal advice. Any work, blog, or social post should be done by the professionals in the respected fields or at the bare minimum reviewed by them.

Giving out wrong or misleading information can cause harm to people who are taking in that information.

YMYL content follows the EAT principle, and that means information that is put out should have Expertise, Authority, and Trust.

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Kamloops SEO: Frequently Asked Questions

Yes it is possible to rank your website for a number one position or a rich result like a featured snippet. This can be very close to the top, but at the very top is for paid ads.

It depends. To get your website ranked in a good position on the first page, it is dependent on your industry and how competitive it is, the desired cluster of keywords, and the level of On-Page and Off-Page optimization completed.

For example, let’s say you are the owner of a winter sporting goods store that only sold vintage outerwear and gear. In Kamloops, it would be  safe to guess that you would be one of the only store owners like this in the city. Since there would be  minimal competition, it would be much easier to rank for specific keywords and land a better ranking position.

Now let’s say you own a real estate agency and you are chasing after that first page position on Google. This task would be more difficult than the above because competition is higher and there would be many players competing for the best keywords. To out rank a competitor you would have to be completely optimized in all SEO areas (on-page, off-page, technical) while producing valuable and trustworthy content for visitors.

 You can pay for backlinks, but it is highly recommended that you do not. These links are of low quality, and when Google sees a major spike in backlinks, it is a red flag. This can result in your website being penalized (losing all of your current traffic) or shut down. Your website should always have a natural looking backlink profile when you obtain links correctly.

The four main types of SEO are On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, Technical SEO, and Local SEO.

To have strong SEO results and rank on the SERPS your website must have solid foundations in each type of SEO.

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