Website Maintenance

What is Website Maintenance?

Website Maintenance is freedom , zero stress, and peace of mind. By  having  your website backed up, plugins updated, and top tier security, you can focus on the more important aspects of your business. Feel free to take more meetings, or sales calls while knowing all aspects of your website are safe.

website maintenance and website security

So What Is Included In The Plan...

Here is an overview of the features included in my Website Maintenance and Support Plan

Website Updates

Keep everything updated! Plugins, themes, WordPress and more. Having items not updated can cause your site to break or significantly slow down.

Discounted Rates

By purchasing either the Basic or Pro Maintenance Plan, you receive a discount on all hourly work.

Website Backups

If you run any type of business, keeping your website backed up is crucial. Imagine losing your entire website and having to get it rebuilt? 😲

Website Security

Keep unwanted visitors, malware, and hackers away. It is not a question if someone will try to get access of your website but when?

Monthly Reporting

Get up to date information and analytics from people who visit your website.

Priority Customer Support

You will always receive priority customer support on either versions of the plan. On the Basic plan message me anytime in my Facebook group, and on Pro give me a call anytime! 💯

Website Maintenance & Support

Basic Website Maintenance

Keep Your Website Safe & Secure
$ 49
  • WordPress Updates
  • Theme + Plugin Updates
  • Website Security
  • Monthly Time (1 hour)
[simpay id="3502"]

Pro Website Maintenance

Keep Your Website Safe, Secure, Optimized, & Premium Support
$ 69
  • WordPress Updates
  • Theme + Plugin Updates
  • Website Security
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Daily Website Updates
  • Monthly Time (3 hours)
  • Priority Support
  • Discounted Hourly Rate (on-going work)
  • Annual Website Review
[simpay id="3501"]

The Risks Of Not Maintaining Your Website

Here are a couple common scenarios you can encounter without a properly maintained and fine tuned website. If you are not on a paid plan for maintenance any  breaks, errors or hacks will will be charged at a regular rate + any expenses.

No Backups

If your website is not regularly backed up, you can lose important files, documents and progress. Once it is gone it is difficult + expensive to recover.

Poor Performance

With no regular maintenance and updates your website will operate slower. Slower websites lead to loss of conversions and sales.

SEO Implications

Websites with unoptimized themes and unmaintained plugins can cause your website to break. A broken page or feature leads to poor user interaction and rankings.

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